Prodevelop is a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) that employs  80 engineers (in Computer Science, Telecommunications, Cartography and Geodetics and Industrial) located in Valencia, Spain. Prodevelop is specialized in various advanced technologies related to software modelling and geospatial technologies. With  20 years experience, Prodevelop focuses on the research and development of base solutions for mobile, desktop and Web environments especially in the world of free and open-source software.

Prodevelop regularly presents papers at international events and congresses, such as FOSS4G, CEN/TC, AGIT, FOSSGIS, eclipse day, eclipse Summit, etc.. Prodevelop is part of the gvSIG project and an active member of the OSGeo community. Prodevelop also leads the Moskitt project and participate in the eclipse development community. Currently, Prodevelop’s main lines of investigation are the following:

On an academic basis, Prodevelop is in direct contact with collaborators from several research groups from Universities and Research Centres. Through R&D contracts and cooperation in research projects, we collaborate directly with Centro ProS (Polytechnic University of Valencia), the Robotics Institute LISSIT (Valencia University), CEVI (Centre for Interactive Visualization of the Jaume I University) or the Carlos III University, DCOM Real-time Systems Research Group (Polytechnic University of Valencia).

Prodevelop’s research area can be found in two physical locations. On the one hand it has a laboratory situated in the company’s 450 m2 central locality in the Plaza Don Juan de Villarrasa in Valencia.