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Posidonia Management


Posidonia Management is a product that is part of Posidonia Port Solution Suite.

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A Worldwide Management System

Posidonia Management is a system which has been designed and thought out to cover the demands currently facing ports and their increasing competivity in the international market. The increase in port traffic and movements leads to more difficult and complex management which is where Posidonia Management, as a comprehensive management system, can improve port efficiency, productivity and competivity.

Its design and construction have been made possible thanks to years of experience, innovation and a firm commitment to using the latest technology. Posidonia Management is a system used by several ports and is continually improving and evolving, thus enabling us to offer made to measure solutions to every client’s demands and needs. The customization of its well defined structure is one of the system's biggest strengths.

Competitive Advantages

  • Unique set-up allowing the main areas of port management to be included.
  • Full and functional integration with different ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).
  • Calculates different port taxes and tariffs.
  • Full web service layer able to integrate with external systems in a standardised and simple way.
  • Inclusion in e-administration platforms.
  • Possibility of integration into document management systems.
  • Easily tailored to the Port Authorities requirements.
  • Immediate and rapid system installation and operation.

The Posidonia Management system comprises different modules which operate together or independently from each other:


Vessel and berth planning

Comprehensive management of a vessel’s stay in port including the application, authorization, entrance and exit of vessels in addition to any inherent commercial operations and services. Integrated into the BERMAN courier reception system sent by the consignee and with messaging systems used by Customs.



Port services

Whatever the service, the system is able to confirm the available resources and generate the relevant details for planning and invoicing. Services, such as water, electricity, weighbridges etc., can be defined by each ports activities.



Cargo and container

Integrates loading and unloading consignment summaries into the communication channels. Incorporates telematic operation and includes the possibility of manual data introduction and consultation.




Property management

Comprehensive management of procedures and economical and technical exploitation of concessions and authorisation. Covers aspects such as the activity and occupancy rates, changes in terms and conditions, supply meters, etc.




Generation of drafts related to all service taxes and tariffs used including the possibility of change in rates, prices and legal texts. Corrections are possible as the drafts which do not become invoices are eliminated. Can be included in several accountancy systems and published in e-Government.



Geospatial Management

Geographic information system which allows the graphic visualization of the vessel’s port location, berth planning, locating and concession and authorisation file consultation, marina management.





Generation of scorecards adaptable to the port management’s requirements. Generation of statistics reports in accordance with that currently required by the Member states Ports and the European Union. Easy incorporation into external Business Intelligence systems.



Not all ports are equal nor have the same requirements therefore Posidonia Management adapts to every client’s needs and situation. Posidonia Managementoptimises the operations, facilitates the exchange of information and improves asset management.

The project methodology implemented by our experts in addition to the innovative technology used and 20 years of experience in port information systems allows us to come up with solutions that meet our clients’ time, budget and specification requirements.