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Prodevelop takes part in the workshop of Smart AKIS (Smart farming Thematic Network)

Prodevelop as ICT partner of INTIA in the LIFE Project AGROAGESTOR takes part in the workshop of the Smart farming Thematic Network  called Smart AKIS in Novisad (Serbia) during the 21st and 22nd of March.

INTIA is partner of the H2020 Samrt AKIS that has lunched an online platform called Smart farming Thematic Network with a database of more than 1000 technologies applied to the Smart Agriculture.


The objective of the workshop has been to get all the partners of Smart AKIS together and share new Smart Agriculture projects ideas by the application of ICT solutions such as precision equipment, the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and actuators, geo-positioning systems, Big Data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones), robotics (artificial intelligence techniques), etc.




Prodevelop takes part in the project LIFE16 ENV/ES/000287 AGROGESTOR

Prodevelop takes part in the project LIFE16 ENV/ES/000287 AGROGESTOR:" COLLECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF CROPS AT THE SERVICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS RELATED TO THE USE AND QUALITY OF WATER" funded by the LIFE+ 2016 Programm within the topic LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency.

The core goal of the AGROgestor project is to reduce the environmental impact of the irrigation farming by means of the use and demonstration of a decision-making supporting tool (DST Platform), easing the efficient and sustainable COLLECTIVE PLANNING (phase 1) AND COLLECTIVE ACTUAL MANAGEMENT OF CROPS (phase 2) focused on 2 specific environmental purposes: the irrigation water efficiency of use and the quality of water masses.

The consortium is constituted by farming advisor entities from different Spanish regions, i.e.INTIA, ITAP, MAS BADIA, IFAPA, NEIKER apart from AEMET and PRODEVELOP as ITC SME. Besides, the project will stand by external stakeholders. The project started on December 2017 and will be finished on August 2021.

Main results of the LIFE AGROgestor project will be a DST Platform for Collective Managers validated in 3 environmental scenarios and replicate at national and international scales.

Prodevelop successfully completes the project APPLICATIONS ITEA3: Advancement of Smart Surveillance Plug & Play "

Prodevelop participated in the last ITEA3 review of the international project APPS " Advancing Plug & Play Smart Surveillance" by the ITEA3 Organization with a succesful result last 13th December 2017 at the Port of Rotterdam.


This project combines expertise, experience and skills of partners on interoperability, signal and image processing, behavioural analysis, visualization, communication and sensor technologies as well as collaborative working practices and needs of surveillance operations. The international consortium is composed of participants from four European countries (Netherlands, Spain, Turkey) and one participant from South Korea constitute the APPS Consortium combining large industry (ASELSAN, Thales Netherlands, Siqura-TKH) and high-tech SMEs (Prodevelop, GMT, ViNotion, Microflown AVISA, Microflown Maritime, Nunsys, SRDC, Otonom, Nanobiz) with top-academia (Eindhoven University of Technology) and a number of strong research centres in Europe (ITI).

Prodevelop's result has been obtained a cutting-edge 2D/3D Maritime Surveillance System to increase the interoperability of heterogeneous sensors and systems, to reduce operational costs and improve deccison making by easier integration of third open data and systems, that will improve its current product POSIDONIA Port Solution Suite® for offering secure monitoring and warning for maritime safety and secure traffic management. Expected exploitation of APPS by Prodevelop will go towards a consolidation in the maritime sector.

Prodevelop participates in the ITEA3 project CitiSim

Prodevelop has been funded by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda trough the Strategic Action Digital Economy and Society  (AEESD) Subprogram and FEDER funds to execute the international ITEA3 Project CitiSim: A Smart City 3D Simulation And Monitoring Platform.

The general purpose of CitiSim is devoted to the design and implementation of a new generation platform for the Smart City ecosystem. 

This platform will provide a powerful monitoring and control infrastructure to enable planners to make critical management decisions on tactical and strategic levels based on the knowledge provided by the specific platform developed. For a natural interaction and better understanding of the events that happen in the city, 3D visualization techniques as augmented virtuality and augmented reality will be explored.

CitiSim will provide service developers with a set of services, standards and tools for the development of applications for the smart city. The major expected technical outcomes in CitiSim are: 

  • a platform defined by its services, protocols and tools for supporting advanced service development 
  • a 3D visualization tool for smart city monitoring and control
  • a large scale simulation framework for supporting the strategic and tactical decision process on smart cities.



Port Authority of Las Palmas trusts its business operations to Posidonia

The Port Authority of Las Palmas has awarded Prodevelop the deployment of a Port Management System (PMS) in the 5 ports handled by this organization.

Logo A.P. Las Palmas

The signed contract includes the adjustment, deployment and commissioning of the following products: Posidonia Management as the Port Management System (PMS) and Posidonia PCS for managing the communications and interchanges in the Port Community.

Regarding Posidonia Management, call management, goods, passengers, fishing, surface occupancy, provisions, commercial services, sanctions, licenses, port services, billing, leisure boats and statistics will be deployed among other areas.

Of Posidonia PCS, a wide set of service requests will be commissioned, being enhanced the document relationship with customers through the electronic site to be deployed, starting to work with the reverse charge mechanism of taxes.

Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas


The Port Authority of Las Palmas is a public institution that manages 5 ports: La Luz, Salinetas, Arinaga, Los Mármoles and Rosario Port; in three different islands: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. With more than 21 Km of berthing lines and over 5,000,000 Km2 of surface, the Port Authority of Las Palmas is the 4th Spanish in TEU movements, overtaking the 1 million TEUs per year, and acting as an important hub in front of West Africa coasts. It's also an important ebarkation point for more than 1,200,000 passengers per year.

We thank the Port Authority of Las Palmas confidence in us, enabling us to strengthen our product line aimed at port management, especially in a Port Authority with such an important volume of traffic and passengers.

The products Posidonia Management and Posidonia PCS, are part of Prodevelop's port solution suite Posidonia Suite, already deployed at a lot of Port Authorities.

Logo Posidonia

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