GEOStore, new business models for geospatial digital contents


It has been started the development of GEOStore, an industrial R&D project dealing, with new types of digital geospatial  contents as 3D models, AR or geolocated videos. The research to be done, aims to define new  packaging and distribution web techniques of these digital contents; new techniques to achieve new business models.

The expected results of GEOStore will  enhance the technological development in emerging sectors in the field of digital contents such as, Education, Geomarketing and Urban Management, among others, and especially Tourism.

Furthermore, the results of the project may be applied in all those sectors that promote the development of the geospatial digital contents in the information society, due to the processes obtained will facilitate the creation of platforms and its interoperability  for the distribution of digital content, marketing and sharing via social networks.

In summary, the use of these techniques will position strategically the sectors, that implement them in the market for Web 2.0.

The project will be developed over 2 years by the companies Prodevelop S.L, and  Geoturismo S.L.  with the collaboration of  the Department of GIS and Remote Sensing at the University of Girona.


It has been funded by  the Avanza Plan 2 (Digital Content), Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.