Google Summer of Code 2011: Final evaluation

After 4 months of work Google Summer of Code has finished. I'm really happy with the final results. Fernando finally finished all the tasks scheduled and the first tests I've made with the code he has written look promising. After all there's some work left for both of us. While he is going to contribute gvSIG Desktop with the GPX provider and some patches to the GPE library. I'm going to integrate all his work for the next release of gvSIG Mini, so it will be able to load local vector data; a great feature in my opinion.

All the documentation written during this summer can be found at the project wiki. The source code at the Subversion repository. And these are some preview snapshots of the project:

Regarding my own impressions about this summer I have to say I'm really satisfied with the experience. My personal motivation since the beginning was continue working for gvSIG Mini and try to join others to work also for it, so that goal has been fully acomplished. On the other hand, being a mentor there's also a path to learn. During this summer I've learned to teach others in topics that were unknown for them, to manage and track their tasks. I've learned also a bit of Kanban and of course I've coded a lot.

Apart from this, the very real motivation was to give my father the GSoC t-shirt :P

In the end a great experience I hope I could repeat following years.


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