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Hi Luca, Can't you unzip

Hi Luca,

Can't you unzip Moskitt, run it after unzip or maybe fails the GEO extension installation?
If your problem it's the second one, and you are using Win XP follow these steps.

-After unzip MOSKitt, go to "moskitt" created folder.
-Edit MOSKitt.ini file.
-Find next line "-Xmx1024m" and change it with "-Xmx512m"
-Save MOSKitt.ini file.
-Try to execute MOSKitt.exe again

(This bug only appears on Win, with last Moskitt version)

I would like that you give me more information about the bugs or problems you found and your testing experience.

There are a Moskitt support mail list, where you can send mails with all your doubts and bugs. Send the mail to
moskitt-support [at] lists [dot] moskitt [dot] org
Moreover if you want subscribe to this list follow the link

Thanks very much for your interest on this project, the incoming version will add MySQL spatial support :-)
You could check for it soon.

Kind Regards!


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