Hi all, thx for these very

Hi all,

thx for these very interesting instructions.
I have a problem when i'm trying to transform UML class diagramm to spatial database (1st step in my goal to generate a DDL to create an sql script for postGIS).
- right click on my uml file --> Moskitt transformations --> UML2 class diagramm to spatial database transformation
- I enter my input and output parameters
- default configuration
- Moskitt tells me that my parameters are valid
- in the last window after clicking "next" Moskitt tells in a 1st message "The transformation has been executed." and in the same window at the bottom "transformation result Something went wrong when executing the transformation" and there is no error script...

I don't really know where is the source of my problem... if it happens for someone can you help please

thx in advance

Montpellier - France

ps : sorry for my french-english


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