Breath! - The air quality app

Last weekend expired the submission phase for the GMES Masters competition, and Prodevelop has contributed with an innovative outline of mobile application that provides location based GMES data.

Concretely, we have applied for the ESA App Challenge with Breath!, which is a mobile application that provides near real-time air quality data for a wide range of locations and regions. Thus, it has been intentionally designed in a simple and comprehensible way in order the end-user to access and fetch the desired information as easy as possible . This solution is intended to be released in a few months on the principal Mobile Aplication Stores, targetting the mass market and specifically for outdoor sports.

The idea behind Breath! Is not only to give the air quality data provided by GMES sentinels, but also cross such data with a third one coming from local authorities or crowd-sourced. Additionally, it has been proposed a way to relate all that information with other components such as weather, wind, waves, water quality and UV index, provinding both unique and complete information to perform outdoor activities.

The GMES Masters competition is organized by the European Space Agency, that annually rewards the best ideas for services, business cases and applications based on GMES data, with the aim to foster product development and entrepreneurship in Europe. Winners will be published in the GMES Masters Web on 26th October.

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