Architectures .NET

Microsoft .NET

Prodevelop offers different solutions oriented at the .NET platform, from the definition and starting up of SOA Architectures to the development of cutting-edge technological solutions, offering the following services:

  • Description of architectures and setting up of pilot solutions.
  • Development of tailor-made applications.
  • .NET solutions consultancy
  • Outsourcing
  • Training

User experience. With our own group of components that have been tried and tested and deployed in numerous applications, Prodevelop’s .NET architectures are thought out to provide the user with the best experience possible, both on desktop, and on the web, they are equipped with tools that are fast, coherent and completely accessible.

Cloud Computing. Prodevelop’s .NET architecture is completely prepared to run in state-of-the-art environments, such as Windows Azure or Amazon EC2, resulting in a reduction in infrastructure costs, increased performance and greater scalability of its services, while maintaining interoperability with other systems.

Technologically Advanced. Our frameworks provide advanced solutions consolidated on the latest technologies of the .NET platform, which include:

  • State-of-the-art user interfaces, through WPF, DirectX, etc.
  • Light RIA interfaces, making use of Silverlight, ASP.NET Ajax or ASP.NET MVC.
  • Multiple web platforms supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • Multiplatform Windows\Linux\Mac through Mono.
  • Components from other sources: YUI, jQuery, ExtJS, Infragistics, Enterprise App. Blocks, etc.
  • Access to non-relational data such as LINQ2SQL, EntityFramework, NHibernate, Subsonic.
  • Web services through WCF and making use of the industry’s standards and protocols such as REST, SOAP, HTTP, and part of the WS-* stack.
  • Cloud Computing: Windows Azure, SQL Server Data Services.
  • Diverse RDBMS support: SQLServer 2008, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Mobile devices. Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded.

Rapid development directed by the model. Prodevelop’s applications use various technologies so that they can get close to the solution through a paradigm of model oriented development, in this way flexible developments are achieved which are rapidly adaptable to the business needs. By applying procedures and techniques coming from the ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services and the latest modelling advances available in Visual Studio 2010 (Oslo), the abstraction and separation of the business from its implementationis achieved.

Interoperability . Prodevelop’s applications developed with frameworks are completely prepared to interoperate and communicate with different technologies from other manufacturers (J2EE, Mainframe, etc) through the assurance of principles and standards which guarantee this communication.

SOA: Service Oriented  Architecture. The use of .NET Services, BizTalk and other technologies means that the applications open up to the world acquiring capacities of access control, ESB deployment, workflow services, federation services and identity federation, etc.