Architecture Java EE

We are committed to developing solutions adapted to the needs of each client. Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle but a means to an end to help an organization achieve its objectives.

To do this, the services we offer are:

  • J2EE consultancy
  • Design and development of J2EE architectures
  • Bespoke development of applications using our own J2EE architectures or someone else’s.
  • Outsourcing of technical personnel.
  • J2EE training

To be able to offer all of these services,  Prodevelop has extensive knowledge and experience in diverse technologies and tools:

  • J2EE Frameworks: Struts, Java Server Faces, Spring MVC
  • Traditional presentation layer: JSP, CSS, Javascript, Custom Tags
  • RIA/Web 2.0 presentation layer: Ajax. Flex, GWT
  • Business layer: Use of different design patterns and of Spring for aspects like: Security, Transactionality, Auditing…
  • Data access technologies: Hibernate, EJB 3.0, JDBC
  • Web Services Technology: Axis
  • Our own components developed using de facto standards: Reporting (Jasper Reports), XML (Dom4j), Task planning (Quartz), Graphics generation (JFreeChart)…
  • UML modelling tools: MOSKITT, Rational Software Architect
  • Development environments: Eclipse, Rational Developer, Websphere Studio Developer, JDeveloper…
  • Business Intelligence: Pentaho
  • Security: Single Sign On, Authentication and declarative authorization using Spring.
  • Testing tools: JUnit, JWebUnit, JMeter
  • Code integration tools: SubVersion, Bamboo.

The fact that our solutions are based on standard components and on the use of separate layers, allows us to:

  • Exchange components based on the client’s needs.
  • Maximize productivity in development
  • Develop applications that are easier to maintain and evolve.
  • Deploy into different applications servers: Websphere, IAS, JBOSS, Tomcat,  GlassFish, Weblogic
  • Use different database engines: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Informix
  • Have a physical cluster architecture for high availability environments at our disposal.
  • Make use of distributed logic, allowing the development of service-oriented architectures (SOA)


Arquitectura J2EE

Some of our successes


Comprehensive Port Management System (Sistema de Gestión Integral de Puertos).  Contracted by:

  • Ports of Galicia
  • EPPIB (Public Body of the Balearic Islands Ports)
  • CIT (Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Valencian Autonomous Government)


J2EE Architecture of the APB (Barcelona Port Authority). Design of the J2EE architecture and development of functional modules using this architecture.


J2EE Architecture for Feria Valencia

Design of the J2EE Architecture for the Feria Valencia and the development of corporative Intranet using this architecture.

Intranet de la Feria de Valencia


Application of Inspection Monitoring for the Regional Ministry of Social Welfare of the Valencian Autonomous Government.



An application for the management of doctorate programs and international university collaboration projects. Developed by the International Actions Office, Valencia Polytechnic University.



An application for Human Resources Management for EPPIB (Public Body of the Balearic Islands Ports).



A system of Maritime Signal Management for the Vigo Port Authority