Prodevelop offers consultancy services geared towards two types of projects or services:

  • Design and development of projects.
  • Integration, configuration or customization of the free software projects and products that we usually work with

Design and development of tailor-made projects

Engineering and Information and Communication Technology projects, in the technologies we specialize in. This type of project is offered with the support of more than 15 years experience, not only in terms of advanced technological knowledge, but also in terms of the best training in software development methodologies and software project management.

With regard to software development methodologies, Prodevelop is in the process of obtaining CMMI® level 2 certification. It is already being applied in many areas of the software development process.

At Prodevelop we are conscious of the importance of project management, and so, to ensure real success we use our own methodology called MEDIA-PI (MEtodología de DIrección Aplicada de Projects Informáticos), an adaption of the best practices established in the Project Management Institute (PMI®)’s Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Integration, configuration or customization

Prodevelop is specialized in the integration of solutions based on open source software. To do this we study our clients’ needs, and select the best alternative in terms of cost, quality and future evolution.

The solutions that we come up with usually involve the integration of different projects. This is only possible with an in depth knowledge of the technology required and the condition of each project.

Our integration services include, amongst others, the configuration of projects, going over and above "taking them out of the box".  We adapt them to our client’s needs and optimize the performance of the services and applications set up.

The intrinsic nature of the open source projects, and our engineers’ experience allow us to carry out customization of the incorporated products, modifying the source code and adjusting it to the requirements of the projects.