Civil Service

Prodevelop works for the civil service be it National, Autonomous or Local.

 Our principal added values for the civil service are:

  • Adaptation to methodologies and standards.
  • Experience in starting up heterogeneous projects (from both a technical and departmental point of view).
  • Maximum classification in Group V of the Subgroups 2 and 5 of the Treasury.
  • National leaders in SIG and Open Source technologies.

At present Prodevelop is one of the leading Companies in Technologies based on Geographical Information Systems and Tools for the development of Open Source projects, (Prodevelop is one of the mainstays of the gvSIG, gvSIG Mobile and MOSkitt projects).

We have created our own methodologies for the management of projects such as MEDIA PI (Metodología de Dirección Aplicada de Projects Informáticos) based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Developments in J2EE based on its own Framework proJAF, (Prodevelop Java Advanced Framework). Making Solutions available to our clients that don’t depend on third parties meaning that they can bring down costs and are able to optimize their budgets.

Since its creation in 1993, Prodevelop remains true to its ideals basing its business philosophy on three basic pillars: The Client, Innovation and Solutions. The constant evolution of the Market together with our staff’s concern for offering our Clients solutions that are the most appropriate to their current and future requirements gives good results, for example: