R&D Projects

The main R&D and Innovation projects carried out by the company under public R&D programmes are the following:

  •   APPS: APPS- Advancing Plug & Play Smart Surveillance. The APPS project was labelled by the International Programme ITEA2 with the project indentificator 1305 and
    has a duration of two years. It started on December 2015 and will finish on December 2017.
    The international consortium is composed of companies and R&D Institutes from three different countries: Spain, Netherlands, Turky and Corea.
    APPS has been funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)togteher with the FEDER funds.


  • The APPS project will contribute to this transition by advancing the state-of-the-art in surveillance systems in three key areas:
    · It will enable the development of plug & play solutions.
    · It will enhance the sensor processing and intelligent decision-making capabilities and intelligent operator aids of such systems to achieve smart surveillance in large spaces such as coastal areas and harbours with critical infrastructures.
    · It will develop a robust communication layer over heterogeneous technologies.
    The web of the project:http://www.apps-project.eu/


  • 3DSAFEGUARD - Global Situational Awareness in Rescue, Calamity and Inspection Operations. ITEA3 project aimed to support decision making in rescue operations and emergency situations, providing global knowledge of the scene through sensor information and 3d visualization. Financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Subprogram: Strategic Action, Economy and Digital Society (AEESD) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (TSI-100503-2015-42 ITEA3 Nº 14034).
  • ENERGOS. CENIT Project (CEN-20091048). Description: Technologies for intelligent, automated management of power distribution networks of the future.Duration: 2009-2012.
  • GeoMobile. Project funded by  AVANZA Plan (TSI-020100-2009-782). Description: Research on  extensibility and interoperability mechanisms to create an experimental platform for mobile devices  of geoservices with  multiple access Spatial Data Infrastructure. Duration: 2009-2011.
  • MyMobileWeb - User interface eXtensible Markup Language - UsiXML. Website of the projetc . Description: European Project ITEA2 financed by the  AVANZA Plan through the  a MyMobileWeb Project (TSI-020301-2009-014). Advanced technologies for mobile access, independent of devices and intelligent (guided by semantics) to applications, services and information portals. This project is aimed at defining, exploiting, and disseminating UsiXML. UsiXML is an open XML-compliant standard user Interface Description Language  with major interoperability. It is used in software development methods for user interfaces exhibiting multi-device, multi-user, multi-linguality/culturality, multi-organisation, multi-context, multi-modality, and multi-platform capabilities. UsiXML is then consistently used in models, method, and software tools in order to create interactive applications having these capabilities. Duration: 2008-2010.
  • OSMOSIS. IMPIVA R&D Projetc (IMIDTA/2009/793). Description: Open Source MObile Sensor Information System. Enabling  end to-end Technologies of Web Sensor open-source from physical sensor networks for mobile, desktop and Web clients. Duration:2009-2011.
  • gvSIG Mobile. Project financed by the Regional Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport of the Generalitat Valenciana (Autonomous Government for the Valencian Community) and ERDF funds (FEDER). See project website. Description: gvSIG Mobile is a reduced version of gvSIG adapted for mobile devices, with support for shapefiles, ECW, WMS and images capable of making use of GPS systems. At present it only supports the visualization of layers and the creation of GPS tracklogs/waypoints. An extension for gvSIG Desktop is available which permits the exporting of cartographic information from gvSIG Desktop to gvSIG Mobile. Developed by 3 partners, lead by Prodevelop. Duration: 2008-2010.
  • OSAMI- Commons. Open Source Infrastructure Ambient Intelligence Commons (TSI-020400-2008-114). See project website. A European ITEA2 Project, financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Description: The OSAMI-Commons project ("Commons" Open source AMbient Intelligence) aspires to establish a common open source infrastructure oriented at dynamic services, which will be able to customize/configure themselves in diverse environments of cooperation of Software Intensive Systems (SISs). Project ITEA2 (EUREKA cluster) with 57 European partners. Duration: 2008-2010.


  • gvCASE. Project financed by the Regional Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport of the Generalitat Valenciana (Autonomous Government for the Valencian Community) and ERDF funds (FEDER). See project website. Description: A platform for the construction of support tools for methods of software engineering. This platform permits the definition of software engineering methods and their running. It also provides a series of technologies and infrastructure software to facilitate construction of modelling tools, transformation of models, traceability and synchronization of models, and code generation. Developed by 5 partners, lead by Prodevelop. Duration: 2008-2010.
  • ATENEA (FIT-340503-2007-1).A PROFIT / AVANZA project. See project website. Description: The ATENEA project consists of a group of activities centred on research for the definition and creation of architecture, tools and middleware for embedded and mobile devices, with 19 Spanish partners. Duration: 2007-2009.