Lines of R&D

During the last years, Prodevelop R&D activities have been focused on two areas in the context of ongoing research projects:

  • Geosensors and geospacial technologies area. It was initially created around the gvSIG and gvSIG Mobile projects, which were funded by the Generalitat Valenciana with Feder Funds. gvSIG is an advanced open-source desktop client for managing geographical information. gvSIG Mobile is a reduced gvSIG version that has been adapted to run in mobile devices. This research line has evolved towards mobile solutions, like the internal initiative to create geographical aplications for mobile phones, and towards the GeoSensor Web world, with a joint initiative with the Software Colaborativo company and the Interactive Visualization Group (CEVI) from Jaume I University to create sensors clients following the Sensor Web Enablement initiative.

  • Software engineering with UML2 in Eclipse framework area. This line was developed around the MOSKitt project. The Modelling Software Kitt (MOSKitt) is an open-source platform for building tools that support software engineering methods. This platform supports the definition of software engineering methods and their execution. Moreover, it provides technologies and software infrastructure for developing modeling tools, models transformations, models traceability and synchronization, and code generation.

As a result of these work lines, the company has successfully open new business area, providing new services to its clients and participating in open requests for tenders.

Next years Prodevelop plans to keep progressing in this lines of research to preserve and increase its technological leading position. In order to achieve this goal, it will develop new features and functionalities in its technologies so that they can be materialized into news products and services for its clients.