proSAFE is an advanced suite of information and communication solutions, for the management of emergencies in ports and industrial plants.

According to the Royal Decree 1254/99, all establishments in which dangerous substances can be found in certain quantities are required to draw up what is referred to as an Internal Emergency Plan (IEP).

proSAFE  facilitates the monitoring and execution of IEPs during emergency situations.

proSAFE allows the definition of the organization’s IEPs, becoming a valuable support tool for decision making, during the execution and coordination of an emergency.

Internal Emergency Plans

The utilization of an automated tool to support decision making in the management of Emergency Plans assures that they are carried out accurately, avoids errors in moments of tension, and smoothes the progress of the tasks carried out by operators or people responsible for the plan’s execution.

Directed at:

proSAFE is targeted at organizations that are responsible for managing the security of industrial areas in which dangerous goods are handled, or of installations in which the utilization of Internal Emergency Plans must be considered.