gvSIG Mini

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gvSIG Mini is a map viewer for mobile phones that allows to access free map  services based on tiles such as: OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps, Microsoft Bing and others.


gvSIG Mini allows to look for addresses, points of interest, the network calculation , etc. It also allows to download mpas directly from the phone to the storage card, for further map browsing without data connection, under offline mode.

gvSIG Mini screenshot

gvSIG Mini  has been developed by Prodevelop and consists of two products:

  • gvSIG Mini for Android. Aimed at mobile phones under  Android operative system.
  • gvSIG Mini for Java. Aimed at mobile phones with Java CLDC / MIDP applications.

There is a gvSIG Desktop plugin  called Phone Cache, that is  a Map Tiles downloader to work without internet connection.



For more information, consult the officila website of the project gvSIG Mini.

You can access to the gvSIG Mini's downloads from its web browser or by using this web to download gvSIG Mini from the mobile phone.