Proyecto gvSIG

gvSIG is a free open-source GIS project, released under the GPL/GNU license. It is characterized by a user-friendly interface, and is capable of quickly accessing the most usual raster and vector formats. In the same view it includes local as well as remote data through a WMS, WCS or WFS.It is aimed at users of geographical information, professionals or civil servants (town halls, councils, regional councils or ministries) from any part of the world (at the moment its interface is in Spanish, Valencian, English, German, Czech, Chinese, the Basque language, Galician, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Rumanian).

As a free open-source project, it is of great interest to the international community of developers and, in particular, for university needs due to its R&D component. In fact, there has been particular emphasis on the expansion of the project so that potential developers can easily expand the functions of the application, as well as develop totally new applications from the libraries used in gvSIG (providing that they comply with the GNU/GPL license).

Some of its most outstanding features are:

  • Portable: it runs under different hardware / software platforms, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Its programming language is Java.
  • Modular: it is expandable to new functions through the development of plug-ins.
  • Open-source: the original source code  has been released under GNU-GPL license.
  • Interoperable with solutions that have already been implemented: it can access data of other proprietary programs, such as ArcView, AutoCAD or Microstation without the need to change their format.
  • Subject to standards: it follows the guidelines set out by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the EU.

gvSIG has been headed by the Autonomous Valencian Government, through the Regional Council for Infrastructures and Transport, and has been developed by several companies (Prodevelop, Iver Tecnologías de la Information, Lógica Extrema, Open Sistemas, etc.), and relies on collaboration from various Universities or Research Centres (Universidad Jaume I, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad de Valencia, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, etc.).


gvSIG forms part of the OSGeo Foundation, and is currently in the incubation process to become an official OSGeo project.



gvSIG strictly follows the guidelines laid down by the European INSPIRE Directive.



Prodevelop forms part of the gvSIG Project Steering Committee, and the gvSIG Project Technical Committee:

  • gvSIG Project Steering Committee:
    • Jorge G. Sanz
    • Ignacio Brodin
  • gvSIG Project Technical Committee:
    • Miguel Montesinos
    • Jorge G. Sanz
    • Javier Carrasco
    • Carlos Sánchez

Prodevelop is a founding member of the gvSIG Association.


  • The latest version of gvSIG here


Prodevelop, as a company that developed gvSIG, offers a complete range of services based around gvSIG:

  • Training: Prodevelop offers training courses to gvSIG end users and developers. +info
  • Support: We offer a support service for end users and developers for the use of gvSIG. +info
  • Consultancy: We offer consultancy services for designing geospatial solutions based on gvSIG,so that they are integrated with other free GIS projects (geospatial databases, map services, catalogues, …).
  • Customization of gvSIG: gvSIG is a very powerful tool that, in many cases, goes beyond the needs of the possible end users. At Prodevelop we can personalize gvSIG, to adapt it to the specific requirements of its end users, by eliminating superfluous buttons and menus and reconfiguring options where necessary (projects, views, maps, buttons, menus, etc.).
  • Extension of gvSIG: We can extend the functionalities of gvSIG to add capabilities that are not currently covered by the project, or to automate certain regular actions, in order to improve productivity for the end user.

For more information about gvSIG, we recommend you visit the following links: