Log AgroGis PAC

 AGROGIS PAC is the definitive tool for the integration of geographical information of plots of land with their management information.

With AGROGIS PAC you can easily locate the position of your plots, by means of any alphanumeric data available in your databases, by connecting them to their official identification in the property register.

GEOGRAPHICAL MANAGEMENT: Access all the data on the plot of land as well as see its geographical location.Select using the mouse on the map and obtain information about the plot of land directly.Print out sketches of your plots with ease.

DATA MANAGEMENT: AGROGIS data uses powerful Windows screens to work with your data. It will be able to control all your alphanumerical data from the application without the need for exchange with your management programs.
It will carry out searches, filtering, analysis, etc. All with the power of AGROGIS Data, a system thought out to improve the alphanumerical management associated with its geographical environment.

Innovations 3.0 Version:

AGROGIS Data 3.0 incorporates:

  • Visualization of orthophotos in ECW format, optimized for satellite images.
  • Automatic dispatch by e-mail of requests for cartography maintenance.
  • Improved measuring tools.
  • Possibility of working with several municipalities at the same time.
  • Modifications on the data base structure from the application.
  • Parameterizable importer of alphanumerical data.
  • New generator of thematic maps.

There is additional documentation available on AgroGIS Data.