What is MOSKitt?

Modelling Software KIT (MOSKitt) is a CASE LIBRE tool, based on Eclipse which is being developed by the  Regional Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport (CIT) to give support to the  gvMétrica methodology (where  Métrica III  has been adapted to its own requirements). gvMétrica uses techniques based on the  UML modelling language.

Its plug-ins architecture makes it not only a CASE tool but also a real Modelling Platform in Free Software for the construction of these types of tools.

MOSKitt is being developed within the framework of the gvCASE project, one of the projects included in gvPontis, which is the CIT’s global project for the migration of their entire technological environment to Free Software.



Basic principles

  • MOSKitt s being developed in accordance with the following basic principles:
  • MOSKitt is a Free Software solution whose current and future development should maintain this philosophy.
  • MOSKitt aims to build a framework to contribute to free software communities by using standards, wherever possible, that facilitate interoperability with other tools as well as being a multiplatform solution.
  • MOSKitt is designed following a modular architecture so that it can be easily extended and/or adapted in the future.
  • MOSKitt is being developed following gvMétrica.

Key functions

In order to support gvMétrica, a model methodology approach has been used, so that MOSKitt  can support the following main tasks:

  • Graphical editing of models.
  • Collaborative Work and versioning of models support.
  • Model Transformation, Traceability and Synchronization.
  • Documentation and DDL Code generation from models.
  • Development Process support defined by gvMétrica, guiding the users through the different steps they should take to carry out their tasks.
  • Persistence support.


MOSKitt’s Architecture consists of three well defined layers:

  • Technological Infrastructure layer which allows the processing, manipulation and management of the models edited by the Tools layer.
  • Tools layer, which provides the different Editors (graphical and text) included in MOSKitt’s actual  Functional modules .
  • A  Process Support  layer in MOSKitt allows it to automate different software development processes.



Eclipse Technologies

Moskitt is based on the utilization of the latest development frameworks and eclipse projects.

For more information about the technologies used, click here.