Prodevelop has an experience of more than 20 years in the development and commissioning of products for the port & maritime, government and agricultural sector.

Prodevelop actively participates in the development of some open source software projects, which are later used as pieces in the in the integration of final solutions directed at specific projects.

The principal products developed by Prodevelop are:

  • ProSAFE. A tool for managing emergencies and accident simulation.
  • gvSIG. An open-source tool geared to managing geographical information that constitutes an advanced spatial data infrastructure client.
  • gvSIG Mini. A map viewer for mobile phones for free maps.  
  • MOSkitt. An open-source software modelling tool based on eclipse.
  • AgroGIS. A system for the graphic management of plots of agricultural land.

On the other hand, as partner of Boundless, Prodevelop offers corporative solutions for web mapping platforms through the product:

  • OpenGeo Suite Enterprise Edition. Web mapping platform built on powerful, cutting-edge, open source geospatial components and deploying Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).