Posidonia Operations

Posidonia Operations

Posidonia Management is a product that is part of Posidonia Port Solution Suite.

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Integrated Port Operation Management System


Posidonia Operations is an Integrated Port Operation Management System highly customizable that allows a port to optimize its maritime operational activities related to the flow of vessels in the port service area, integrating all the relevant stakeholders and computer systems.

It has been designed to meet all the phases of vessel traffic:

  • Request
  • Berth Planning
  • Authorization
  • Port approach
  • Entry in port’s service area
  • Berthing
  • Unberthing
  • Berth change
  • Anchorage start
  • Anchorage finish
  • Bunkering
  • Exit from port
  • Waypoint/zone pass-through control (entrance, channel,..)
  • etc.


Posidonia Operations is a real-time platform able to connect to AIS (Automatic Identification System), VTS (Vessel Traffic System) or radar, and automatically detect vessel operational events like port arrival, berthing, unberthing, bunkering operations, tugging, etc.

It also allows to manage the maritime operations, to control related services like pilots, tugboats, moorers, other services, etc. and to integrate all the information from and towards the PMS (Port Management System) and the PCS (Port Community System).

Posidonia Operations may run under different operation modes:

  • Manual mode. Designed as a contingency solution in case of communication failure or external systems problems.
  • Assisted mode. Events are detected automatically, related data is captured and presented to an operator allowing to confirm or to complete the information.
  • Automatic mode. Fully unattended operation, with recording of events, operations, even being able to automate actions in the PMS or PCS like call start/finish, berthing/unberthing, anchorage start/finish, etc.

With Posidonia Operations a single environment for controlling vessel operations is available, thus avoiding multiple screens with different applications which make it difficult to monitor port operations.

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At a technological level, Posidonia Operations is a new product, developed using the last cutting-edge technologies in the market.

The client is a 100% Web application, that uses the last HTML5 and CSS3 specifications, and modern components and Web architecture patterns in software engineering. The server comprises several advanced components, from XTPP (eXtreme Transaction Processsing Platform) plataforms, to real-time information analysis engines, big data techniques, real-time event notification brokers, etc.