Posidonia Suite

20-year experience offering specialized solutions for managing and optimizing Port Authorities activities has led us to create Posidonia: Port Solution Suite for Port Management.


Posidonia is a highly modular suite of products that may be deployed in isolation or together, which cover the vast majority of management processes of a Port Authority.

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Posidonia Port Solution Suite comprises the following products:

Posidonia ManagementPosidonia Management (PMS). Port Management System, aimed at the improvement of efficiency in service management supplied by a Port Authority. It includes multiple management modules (calls, goods, passengers, supplies, related services, fishing, invoicing, business intelligence, etc.).
 Posidonia OperationsPosidonia Operations. IPOMS (Integrated Port Operation Management System). It's a modern system that allows a Port to optimizeall the maritime activities related to vessel flow within the Port service zone, the integration of all the involved stakeholders and all the affected information systems.
 Posidonia PCS (Port Community System)Posidonia PCS (Port Community System). Comprehensive electronic platform that allows the intelligent and secure interchange of information among private and public stakeholders with the aim to improve the competitive position  of the overall Port Community.
Posidonia SpacePosidonia Space. I allows a comprehensive management of Port's public properties, like concessions and authorizations of use, management of maintenance, public works and Port facilities.
 Posidonia SafetyPosidonia Safety. It's an advanced solution for the safety and security of Port facilities. With Posidonia Safety and Security it's possible to address all the manual or telematic processing of dangerous goods in a port, from the acceptance request to the follow-up and entrance and exit control at the terminals. It also allows the management of emergencies and protocols for action.
 Posidonia SmartPortPosidonia SmartPort. Support system for Port police and agents responsible for recording and supervising information on the docks using mobile devices, like supply meter recording, license plates and leisure boats control, surface area occupation, etc.
 Posidonia SmartPort Público

Posidonia Public SmartPort. SmartPort is a state-of-the-art mobile application (App) for sharing up-to-date information about vessel movements, Port facilities, news, weather, Webcam access, companies directory and much more, between a Port and its environment: agencies (ship agents, freight forwarders, custom agents, truckers, etc.), cruise passengers, citizens, etc.

 Posidonia WebPosidonia Web. Web application for publishing graphic and alphanumeric information to the port community, like graphical situation of vessels, infrastructures, port properties or real-time information about berthings, operations and forecasts.
 Posidonia Sede Posidonia Electronic Site. Tool that acts as a front door to citizens for all the information and on-line services provided and updated through electronic means by the Port Authority.