OpenGeo Suite Enterprise Edition

Prodevelop is partner of Boundlessgeo and offers corporative solutions for web mapping platforms through the product OpenGeo Suite Enterprise  Edition.

The partnership between Boundlessgeo and Prodevelop guarantees to our customers a complete technical support of a single, stable vendor. Prodevelop will offer the Level One Technical Support, supported by OpenGeo for the Total Level Technical support.

The OpenGeo Suite is the complete, web mapping platform built on powerful, cutting-edge, open source geospatial components such as: PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, Mapmeter, OpenLayers, and GeoExt,

The following figure shows the OpenGeo Architecture:

OpenGeo Enterprise Suite will let you:

  • The power of open source plus the reliability and support of a single, stable vendor behind a full stack of software.
  • The access to  a wide variety of clients through a number of OGC Services (WMS, WFS, WCS), Tiles (Google, Bing, WMTS, TMS, WMS-C), and formats (KML, PDF, SVG, GML, GeoJSON, CSV).
  • The access to the databases PostGIS, Oracle Spatial and ArcSDE and SQL Server.
  • To publish data and maps through OGC standars via Web.
  • To publish raster data of GeoTIFF, ArcGrid, GTOPO30, DTED, ERDASImg, MrSID, JP2000, ECW files.
  • The integration of your platform with propietary software as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Earth, ArcGIS, etc.

Levels of professional support:

Plus supports basic enterprise installations.It publishes data from basic geospatial formats.

Professional  supports common  enterprise installations such as those connecting to proprietary databases.

  • Connect to various geodatabases (including Oracle,ArcSDE, SQL Server and PostGIS).
  • Production-level support with options for 24/7 support and one day response times.

Platform  supports complex enterprise configurations that must scale across mission-critical applications.

  • Geospatial services to a variety of applications and users.
  • Complex enterprise level configurations including production-ready security and clustering and it runs services that serve mission-critical applications.

Strategic supports complex enterprise configurations and influences our roadmap with core development hours.

  • Partner with Boundless to ensure that the software meets your unique requirements
  • It provides leverage core development hours for insight and influence on the OpenGeo Suite roadmap.