Prodevelop takes part in the project LIFE16 ENV/ES/000287 AGROGESTOR

Prodevelop takes part in the project LIFE16 ENV/ES/000287 AGROGESTOR:" COLLECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF CROPS AT THE SERVICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS RELATED TO THE USE AND QUALITY OF WATER" funded by the LIFE+ 2016 Programm within the topic LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency.

The core goal of the AGROgestor project is to reduce the environmental impact of the irrigation farming by means of the use and demonstration of a decision-making supporting tool (DST Platform), easing the efficient and sustainable COLLECTIVE PLANNING (phase 1) AND COLLECTIVE ACTUAL MANAGEMENT OF CROPS (phase 2) focused on 2 specific environmental purposes: the irrigation water efficiency of use and the quality of water masses.

The consortium is constituted by farming advisor entities from different Spanish regions, i.e.INTIA, ITAP, MAS BADIA, IFAPA, NEIKER apart from AEMET and PRODEVELOP as ITC SME. Besides, the project will stand by external stakeholders. The project started on December 2017 and will be finished on August 2021.

Main results of the LIFE AGROgestor project will be a DST Platform for Collective Managers validated in 3 environmental scenarios and replicate at national and international scales.