Prodevelop successfully completes the project APPLICATIONS ITEA3: Advancement of Smart Surveillance Plug & Play "

Prodevelop participated in the last ITEA3 review of the international project APPS " Advancing Plug & Play Smart Surveillance" by the ITEA3 Organization with a succesful result last 13th December 2017 at the Port of Rotterdam.


This project combines expertise, experience and skills of partners on interoperability, signal and image processing, behavioural analysis, visualization, communication and sensor technologies as well as collaborative working practices and needs of surveillance operations. The international consortium is composed of participants from four European countries (Netherlands, Spain, Turkey) and one participant from South Korea constitute the APPS Consortium combining large industry (ASELSAN, Thales Netherlands, Siqura-TKH) and high-tech SMEs (Prodevelop, GMT, ViNotion, Microflown AVISA, Microflown Maritime, Nunsys, SRDC, Otonom, Nanobiz) with top-academia (Eindhoven University of Technology) and a number of strong research centres in Europe (ITI).

Prodevelop's result has been obtained a cutting-edge 2D/3D Maritime Surveillance System to increase the interoperability of heterogeneous sensors and systems, to reduce operational costs and improve deccison making by easier integration of third open data and systems, that will improve its current product POSIDONIA Port Solution Suite® for offering secure monitoring and warning for maritime safety and secure traffic management. Expected exploitation of APPS by Prodevelop will go towards a consolidation in the maritime sector.