Automatically creating map series with gvSIG EIEL printing module

gvSIG Association has developed for the Deputación Provincial de Pontevedra a new gvSIG extension for generating printable map series in a professional way.

In coordination with Cartolab (*), Prodevelop SL has developed this new gvSIG extension that lets you automatically create series of maps. These are either sent directly to an available printer or stored as PDF files.

After choosing some simple creation options, a new special layer (or grid) is added to your view, where each rectangle represents the extent of the map which will be printed in each single map sheet. This grid can be modified with an ad-hoc fast-editing tool to add, remove and drag the grid's frames:

Then you can tune the map layout in the traditional way, while you preview each sheet with the help of a floating dialog:

Finally, you can choose to send all the sheets to your printer or store them as PDF files in your hard drive:

This extension will work with the upcoming gvSIG 1.12. Visit its web page here for full documentation and downloads.


(*) The gvSIG Map Sheets extension (gvSIG EIEL printing module) has been funded by the Deputación de Pontevedra in association with Dirección Xeral de Sostibilidade e Paisaxe de la Consellería de Medio Ambiente, Transporte e Infraestruturas de la Xunta de Galicia to the gvSIG Association.

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