Organizations connected with open-source software:


Boundless Prodevelop is an offical partner of OpenGeo and offers solutions based on open source corporative  geoespatial   platforms through the product OpenGeo Suite, and the technical support of Boundless.

Igo Software Igo Software: A company that collaborates in the development of projects based on FOSS4G (Free and Open Source for Geomatics).
Software Colaborativo Software Colaborativo: A recently created company with extensive knowledge of the gvSIG Project from its beginnings.
  Company specialized in the  mobile applications development. There is a strong collaboration by means of  knowledge exchange between  mobile area and engineering software development area. 


CSGIS. German company with head office in Munich, offering services related to gvSIG and gvSIG Mobile projects.
Ubikis Ubikis: A French company that headed up the Open Mobile IS project, focused on information management using mobile devices. Open MIS is licensed under GNU-LGPL. Prodevelop and Ubikis have been collaborating to achieve the integration of Open MIS and gvSIG Mobile.
Atlassian Partner Atlassian: A company that develops open-source projects Jira, Confluence, Bamboo etc., used by Prodevelop as support technology in Project development. This technology is  open-source, with freedom in terms of installation and code modification. It is free technology, depending on the type of use. Prodevelop offers the distribution of these products, as well as associated services (deployment, configuration, customization, support, etc.).

Research Centres and Universities:

Instituto Tecnológico de Informática ITI (Institute of Computer Technology), Polytechnic University of Valencia. The ITI is a non-profit making association of companies, created in 1994 on the initiative of the IMPIVA and the UPV, with the aim of carrying out Research and Development, Training and diffusing Information. Their mission is to improve and maintain the competitive position of the companies within the national computer science sector by providing services of Technological Research and Development, technological advice, training and diffusion of information.
Polytechnic University of Valencia. Polytechnic University of Valencia. Prodevelop collaborates with several research groups from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UVP), amongst which it is worth emphasizing the PROS Research Centre in Methods of Software Production in the field of projects connected with Moskitt, Software Engineering, mobile devices, sensors, etc., or the Research Group for Real-Time Systems (in the field of projects connected with sensors and embedded devices).
Universitat de Research Laboratory for Real-Time Systems and Services (LISSIT – Institute of Robotics) of Valencia University. Collaborations in the field of positioning systems on mobile devices and gvSIG Mobile.

Universitat Jaume I

Jaume I University, Castellón.. Collaboration with the CEVI (Centre for Interactive Visualization) on subjects connected with Sensor Web Enablement and free software.

Carlos III University, Madrid

Carlos III University, Madrid. Collaboration in research projects concerning architectures and technologies in embedded systems.